DOG BAY south

Little Joanna


The Little Joanna showing is situated approximately 30 km northwest from the town of Gander and 8 km south from the community of Loon Bay.


Quartz veining in sub-crop with visible gold and grabs of up to 194 g/t Au

geology & structure

The Little Joanna showing is a gold bearing quartz-carbonate vein system hosted in Early Ordovician to Early Silurian siliciclastic sediments and mélange.

The Little Joanna showing is located proximal to the interpreted Reach Fault.

exploits exploration activities

The Little Joanna area was covered by Exploits’ 2021 extensive VTEM survey.

2021 drilling at the Little Joanna target consisted of 6 drill holes that were designed to test the downdip extension of a northeast trending exposed vein system containing visible gold. While first-pass drilling was unable to delineate this vein system at depth, the area remains highly prospective and future field programs will aid in identifying new discoveries.

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