The long-term success of Exploits Discovery Corp. requires the integration of sustainability into all aspects of our business. Leading environmental, social and governance performance is strongly correlated to strong financials and performance in the field and creation of long-term value for our shareholders and other stakeholders. This includes striving to meet the highest standards, contributing toward sustainable development and serving as responsible natural resource stewards to ensure we make positive and lasting impacts on the communities where we operate. Our member companies are responsible to their shareholders, governments, and community stakeholders as we advance projects forward.

We strive to consider appropriate best practices and innovative methods to meet and exceed these responsibilities, within our financial means, to best serve our shareholders’ interests and align our Company with the communities where we live and work.


Exploits Discovery Corp. is committed to operating in a manner that limits environmental impacts and serves to return the environment to conditions that existed prior to commencement of operations.

Exploits Discovery Corp. is committed to environmental performance.

• Respecting the opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and minimize carbon emissions through our practices and decisions.

• Using best practices and innovative technologies, to protect underground sources of drinking water.

• The use of best practices and innovative technology to minimize and eliminate potential emissions and release that will impact both the environment and the public.

• We will manage our activities for exploration, development, production, and reclamation to minimize our environmental footprint and limit land disturbance.


At Exploits Discovery Corp. we begin by creating a strong, united workforce with a commitment to safety as a way of life. Safety is our first value and leading measure of excellence, and our governing safety principles apply to our employees, contractors, visitors, and vendors at our sites, and to any location where an employee is engaged in work activities. We approach safety with both vigilance and humility, understanding that incident-free workplaces can be achieved only by accountability and continuous improvement at all levels of our organization.

We seek a workforce that is comprised of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our company strives to attract and retain the best people, develop their potential, and align their skills to important initiatives and activities. We believe in fostering an inclusive work environment built on mutual trust, respect, and engagement. Our people are at the core of our ability to deliver business results and benefit our communities.

The mineral sector provides an essential product that enables economic prosperity and a better quality of life for individuals and communities worldwide. We also are providing employment opportunities, payroll taxes, royalties, and charitable contributions for the local communities where our employees live and work. Together, that economic activity generates throughout the value chain indirect economic benefits. We participate in the full socio-economic ecosystem of Exploit Discovery Corp. , including into the communities where we operate: it supports direct contributions that create jobs and strengthen communities, including wages, taxes, capital investments and vendor contracts.

We focus on co-operation and building strong relationships with the indigenous people where we operate throughout the life-of-mine process. We believe in consultation in a dual path with community engagement. We are strong advocates for engaging with the community, governments, and indigenous communities in proactive and innovative manners – early and often. We believe in operating with legal agreements in place with Indigenous governments, where appropriate, to ensure we provide socioeconomic benefits during exploration, development, and mining.

At all times we seek to create spin off benefits from our operations as a means of ensuring sustainable long-term economic and social benefits from our activities.


We are a responsible operator and ensure corporate, health, safety, and environmental policies in place to ensure a safe workplace that is respectful of our employees. Health and safety policies are reviewed with regulators to ensure compliance and to protect our employees, communities, and shareholders.

We collectively seek a diverse and inclusive work force through the employment of women and members of indigenous communities. Our pay scales are competitive and meant to be equitable and fair for all employees.

Corporate governance policies range from a Code of Conduct and social media guidelines to the prevention of insider trading and sharing of confidential information. We have policies in place to ensure we do not expose the Company to bribery, extortion, and money laundering.

At all times we strive to conduct ourselves in a respectful, professional, accountable manner. We are accountable, transparent and focus on truth and respect of all stakeholders.