Mt. Peyton North


The Mt. Peyton North property consists of 384 mineral claims and encompasses a land area totaling 96 km².


Soil samples collected by Exploit’s at Mt. Peyton North yielded anomalous assays of up to 75 and 33 ppb Au
Terrain in this area is challenging and has been relatively underexplored

geology & structure

The Mt. Peyton North property is primarily underlain by Early to Late Silurian siliciclastic sediments.

exploits exploration activities

2021 exploration at the Mt. Peyton property consisted of a property wide VTEM airborne geophysical survey, ground geophysics, and localized soil sample grids.

2021 drilling at t2021 exploration at Mt. Peyton North consisted of prospecting and soil sampling. A total of 47 rock grab samples and 479 soil samples were collected.he Schooner (North and South) target areas consisted of 18 drill holes targeting the interpreted northeast-southwest trending Schooner Fault zone.

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