EXPLOITS DISCOVERY District Scale, High-Grade Gold
Projects in Newfoundland.
Frankfurt: A2QDKZ
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District Scale, High-Grade Gold Projects In Newfoundland


Exploits Discovery Corp. is a Canadian mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of mineral projects in Newfoundland, Canada. The Company holds the Middle Ridge, True Grit, Great Bend, Mt. Peyton, Jonathans Pond, and Gazeebow projects, which cumulatively cover an area over 2,000 km².  All projects within Exploits’ portfolio lie within the Exploits Subzone and Gander River Ultramafic Belt (GRUB) of the Dunnage Zone, which contain the majority of Newfoundland’s gold mineral occurrences and exploration efforts, including New Found Gold’s 2019 discovery of 92.86 g/t Au over 19.0 meters near surface. The Exploits Subzone has been the focus of major staking and financing throughout 2020, with increased exploration activities forecasted in the area moving into 2021.

High-Grade Samples

High-grade gold in outcrop up to 164 g/t AU, float boulders with visible gold up to 700 g/t Au, and till samples on the property up to 52,000 ppb Au (Keats, 2004)

Strong Management Team

Extensive experience dedicated to exploration across Newfoundland. Our team has a proven track record of increasing asset value.

Commanding Land Position

100% ownership of over 2,000 km2 land position in the Exploits Subzone which hosts significant gold deposits in Newfoundland and Labrador.


Exploits Discovery Corp. set out to assemble a strong portfolio of exploration stage projects in safe mining friendly jurisdictions in Newfoundland.

Project Overview

  • Exploits Discovery Corp. holds 100% interest in seven known exceptional gold projects with geological, geochemical and structural settings comparable to New Found Gold’s Queensway discovery (DDH 19m at 92.86 g/t Au); and controls the largest land package in Newfoundland with over 200km of deep regional fault structures which include the Appleton Fault, Dog Bay Line, GRUB Line and the Mt Peyton Linear.
  • Modern exploration techniques applied to the property present an opportunity for significant new discoveries:
    • New Found Gold has demonstrated the potential for Fosterville style gold deposits through the 240km length of that Exploits Subzone, which stretches NE-SW across the Island of Newfoundland.
    • We will utilize the Fosterville model, geochemistry, geophysics, and Artificial Intelligence Modeling to drive discovery on known and new target areas.
  • The Exploits Subzone is one of the worlds last easily accessible district scale gold camps, with road accessible targets, local staffing and infrastructure.

Exploits Discovery Corp.

Maintains the largest land package in the Exploits Subzone with 100% Ownership in the following projects:

Middle Ridge – 395.50 km²

True Grit – 246.00 km²

Gazeebow – 24.50 km²

Dog Bay – 121.25 km²

Great Bend – 487.25 km²

Mt. Peyton – 431.25 km²

Jonathan’s Pond – 31.75 km²